Fire Suppression Systems

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What Are Fire Suppression Systems?

Fire suppression systems detect fires in a facility and extinguish them by either cooling the fire, reducing the amount of oxygen in the air, or reducing the chemical reaction within the space. There are many different options for fire suppression based on the type of facility you’re looking to outfit. When you begin designing your fire suppression system it is important to note which areas are the most prone to fire incidents, what each of your rooms are used for, and what is stored in them. 

Fire suppression systems add safety and peace of mind to both residential and commercial buildings. Regardless of the type of facility, it is important that your system is installed by certified professionals who can ensure your system’s security. At Kane Fire Protection, we have performed thousands of installations on buildings ranging from small homes to tenant buildings and even large industrial facilities.


Fire Suppression System Installation

Our fire suppression systems services include:

Pre-construction Services & Estimating

Fire Sprinkler Installation

Chemical Suppression Systems

Fire Alarm Installation

Suppression System Retrofitting

Safe and Certified Fire Suppression Systems


In addition to fire sprinkler installation, our experts install alarm systems, chemical suppression systems, and retrofit your existing system to ensure that you have a comprehensive fire suppression system in place. Our fully functioning fire suppression systems are code compliant and tested rigorously to guarantee satisfaction. We understand that original design concepts may not meet your needs in application, and that is why our technicians are fully equipped to make modifications and repairs during the installation process.

Our full-service installation covers consultations, inspections, engineering, testing, permits, approvals, and design drawings. We strive to make the installation process smooth and easy for you and the rest of your building, which is why we work closely with you to determine the best plan of action to minimize disturbance. Our installation team is professional, courteous, respectful, and ready to answer any questions you may have during your fire suppression systems installation process.

What Fire Suppression Services Do You Offer?

We offer a wide variety of fire suppression services including:

  • Pre-construction Services & Estimating
  • Fire Sprinkler Installation, Maintenance, and Testing
  • Chemical Suppression System
  • Fire Alarm Installation, Maintenance, and Inspection
  • Suppression System Retrofitting
Do You Install Residential Fire Suppression Systems?

Of course! We specialize in fire suppression systems for residential structures, commercial buildings, healthcare systems, tenant spaces, and more. To see some of our clients, you can view our work here.

Can You Ensure All Of My Safety Codes Are Met?

We have a NICET Level III technician in house and a partnership with FSC, Inc., who provides our Professional Engineering Services. In addition to this, we are members of NFPA, NFSA, and AFSA which allows us to stay current on the latest fire protection codes.

Our employees are hired from Sprinkler Fitters Local 268 and each employee has gone through an approved 5 year apprentice program.  Our fitters have the appropriate licenses to perform work in the areas that we service.  Our fitters are OSHA certified and stay current through continuing education offered by Local 268. We also are licensed by the state of Illinois, City of St. Louis, St. Louis County, and multiple other areas where we have installed fire suppression systems.

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