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Regular fire sprinkler system testing and inspections are imperative to ensure the safety of your fire suppression system. Our specialized software keeps track of when your fire suppression system is in need of testing so that you don’t have to worry. All of our inspections reports can be sent digitally or we can provide a paper copy if required. When it comes to testing and inspections, we specialize in:


The Importance of Testing & Inspection

Even though our design systems and installations are tested and proven to be reliable, regular testing is critical to ensure safety in your building. Chances are, your fire suppression system sits idle a majority of the time, making it easy for any breaks or problems to go unnoticed. Having your system regularly tested not only protects your investment in the system, but also protects your building and its occupants.

Kane Fire Protection Alton Il

Fire pumps are used when your main water supply cant create enough pressure to meet the minimum requirements of your fire suppression system. The pump uses water from the city supply or a secondary water supply like a water tank and can be diesel-powered or electric powered. For most fire pumps, it is required that they are tested both monthly and annually. Our annual testing follows NFPA 25 protocol and requirements and includes measuring the pump’s flow and pressure.

Our monthly churn testing records suction, discharge pressures, noise or vibrations, and overheating in bearings or pump casings. If we find any issues with your pump, we can provide pricing and proceed once we have received approval.

Kane Fire Protection Alton Il

To prevent backflow (water flowing in the opposite direction in your piping system), chances are you have a backflow prevention system installed. All fire systems utilize a backflow preventer and must be tested annually. These systems are necessary to ensure that no water flows back into the city’s water supply and they need to be tested regularly.

During our testing process, we inspect the prevention device for any damage and verify the correct operation of the check, relief, and shut off valves.

Kane Fire Protection Alton Il

Fire hydrant flow testing is necessary to determine if enough water and water pressure is available for a fire sprinkler system and for firefighting emergencies. Fire hydrants must be tested annually. Our team of experts handles all aspects of testing including notifying the water authority and calculating the rate of discharge and hydrant flow.

Kane Fire Protection Alton Il

Regular fire sprinkler testing is required by the IFC (International Fire Code) and the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association Codes). It is also required by the state of Illinois and Missouri as well as most municipalities on an annual basis.

 Our detailed inspections help keep you up to date on the state of your fire sprinkler system without feeling overwhelmed. Our testing process includes inspection of air pressure level, water pressure levels, fire alarms, water flow alarms, and connections to the pump, tank and fire department.

Why Choose Kane Fire Protection?

Kane Fire Protection is a full-service fire protection contractor based in the Metro-East, serving the St. Louis, Missouri and Southern Illinois Metropolitan area. We started in 1999 as a division of Kane Mechanical, which was originally established in 1949 as Kane Plumbing. In 2005, Kane Fire Protection was established as its own entity specializing in fire suppression system design, installation, and testing. 

We have completed a large variety of projects including commercial, healthcare, education, religious, industrial, government, hospitality, and residential facilities. Whatever your need, we’ve got your solution. We guarantee that your inspection will meet all of your insurance carriers requirements.

We also guarantee that your inspection will meet all of the requirements set by the governing body who inspects your property. Whether this is your insurance company (FM Global), the state of Illinois in the form of IDPH, or an independent agency like joint commission, we will perform the inspection to their standard and provide all of the official paperwork they may need.

Don’t wait to schedule your fire sprinkler inspection.

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