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At Kane Fire Protection, we understand that when your fire suppression system needs repair, you don’t have time to spare. That’s why we have 24/7 repair services available to our customers and carefully trained technicians on call to identify and fix your problems. 

We all know that emergencies happen, but did you know that scheduling regular maintenance of your system can help prevent them? It is quick and simple to set up maintenance services and we make the process easy for you and your building. We meet and exceed the requirements for routine maintenance so that you won’t have to worry about costly repairs down the line.


Fire Sprinkler Repair

Fire sprinkler systems are known to be extremely reliable, but they do need repair and maintenance every now and then. Many of our customers call us with concerns but aren’t sure how to tell if they are in need of fire sprinkler repair. Here are some signs that you need to give us a call:

Kane Fire Protection Alton Il

Tripped alarm

This could be a sign of a bad device (flow switch/pressure switch) or could mean you have a leak on a dry system and the air compressor can’t keep up.

Kane Fire Protection Alton Il


The best way to tell if you are dealing with corrosion is if you see signs of rust, discolored water, or smell a foul odor. You can tell whether or not there are signs of rust by looking for a green tint on the exterior of your sprinkler head or pipes.

Kane Fire Protection Alton Il


You can determine whether or not there is leakage if you start to notice watermarks on your ceiling or if your sprinkler heads start to drip or spray. For dry systems you may have a leak if your air compressor is running frequently. 

Full System Maintenance


Your entire fire suppression system works together to keep you safe, so it is important to maintain all aspects of it. We offer comprehensive maintenance services for all of the following repair and maintenance services:

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